Buttercream vs Frosting the Great Debate

{Confectioner's Frosting}

{Buttercream Frosting}

There has been a lot of confusion when it comes to the topic of frostings and icings.  A lot of us have probably been brought up with those store bought tubs of Betty Crocker  frostings that we would generously swirl on top of our freshly baked cupcakes and then add a million sprinkles and we also would use this frosting to our homemade birthday cakes.  But another type of topping that is a great tasting alternative is buttercream.  No, not the buttercream in which we use butter and mix in some icing sugar as well as some flavoring.  But meringue buttercream that is made with a few more steps than the alternative.  The results are a delicately sweet and velvety great tasting alternative that is a great companion to cakes and cupcakes and though not so sweet will satisfy your sweet tooth.  Trust me!

Meringue buttercream is what I always use to fill and frost my cakes and cupcakes but I will always make the traditional confectioner's frosting for cupcakes if a client prefers.

What do you prefer?  Buttercream or  confectioner's frosting?






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