Moshi Monster Party

I can't believe that my oldest is now nine years old!  So crazy!  This year Janelle wanted a Moshi Monster party and had it all planned months before the event date.  She even drew up the cake exactly how she wanted it..learning from mommy I guess..;) and it was a FUN theme to plan and put together with her.

Juli Labrecque photography  captured the entire party and she always does a fabulous job!

For the dessert table we included;  marshmallow clouds, Moshi Monster rox sugar cookies, vanilla bean cupcakes, rainbow cake pops and chocolate covered oreos.   As Janelle requested we had to have some candy.  We also included Moshi goo Jell-o into the mix and ordered some vanilla macarons from Little Bird Patisserie.

The cake was a chocolate peanut butter cup flavored cake and replicated the Moshi Monster house in the Moshi Monster world.  Janelle asked for her two favorite characters, Poppet and Zack Binspin to be front and center on the cake.

The clouds were an easy last minute DIY by using cotton batting pulled apart and then used fishing line with a little wire shaped like a spiral to attach and then hang above the dessert table.

I thought the gems went with the Moshi monster theme because of the rox that players have to earn that is the currency in the world so I ran with that theme and included them throughout the party.  I found a great paper gem template from here and made some tassels from this tutorial that was the most well explained for me to follow and got some help from my hubby to complete them both.

Once the guests arrived they were divided into two teams and then played puzzle palace games which included;  Mr. snoodle's alphabet soup, time tangle, Monstro city tower in which the teams had to build the tallest tower and Zommer mummies which had one team member from each team wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy.  The teams also had to find moshlings that were scattered around the party area.

The guests also decorated Moshi Monster  masks that were downloaded from the website.

Each guest went home with a favor bag filled with a gumball tube, Moshi monster tattoos, bookmark and a Moshling mystery pack

Janelle and her school friends looked like they had a lot of fun and was so rewarding to hear one guest say as they were leaving that it was a lot of fun!

Happy Birthday, Janelle!

Sources and credits:

Photography:  Juli Labrecque Photography

Invitation and party stationary:  Emporio Elite Digital

Round balloons, paper straws, gumball tubes and wooden cutlery:  Partystock

French square plastic bottles:  The TomKat Studio

Cloud scrapbook paper:  Angilla's Digital

Paper plates and napkins:  Dollarama

Candy:  Bulk Barn

Macarons:  Little Bird Patisserie & Café

Favor bags:  Michael's

Polkadot poms:  PomTree

Gem clips on favor bags:  Target

Rainbow party flags for favors:  Love the Day


  1. Cute! Great job. Love all of the treats!

  2. candyandcakeshop@gmail.comNovember 13, 2013 at 11:45 AM

    Thanks so much, Carli! :)

  3. Such an adorable theme...and that cake, cupcakes, cookies and those clouds are just perfect!

  4. I quite like reading through an article that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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