Watercolor Easter Party

This spring I have really fallen in love with the watercolor trend and to me it seemed so fitting to mix that trend in with an Easter themed party.  It reminded me of easter eggs and the lively colors of spring.

 I asked my sister of VixenMade to create some watercolor invitations and party flags and that kicked off the theme.

Juli Labrecue Photography  captured all of the photos.

I included some spring themed desserts in the dessert table such as lemon parfaits made with fresh lemon curd.  As well as some watercolor Easter egg cookies and cake with spring sugar flowers.   Also included were key lime pies, carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and some creamsicle cake pops.

My kids and I had fun making the easter egg piƱatas that were made simply by paper macheing a few balloons and covering them with crepe paper.  You can find the tutorial here.

And, of course, I had to include some snapshots that Juli  caught of my two youngest kiddos being goofy... as always!

Vendor Credits and Sources

Invitations and party flags:  VixenMade

Paper straws:  Buttercream Dreams

Wooden forks:  Partystock

Flowers:  Blossoms

Paper Plates:  Superstore

Cupcake Liners:  Sweet Estelle

Paper Napkins, jelly beans, paper straws:  Target

Honeycomb balls:  Devra Party Corp

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