Gymnastics Party

It's been way overdue but I thought I would share Janelle's gymnastic party from back in November.  You know those times where you need to clean your computer because it's too full to upload your photos and then when you finally do months later?   Yeah... One of those times.

This past November Janelle turned 10 and wanted to celebrate with a gymnastic themed party.  She has been in gymnastics for a few years now and loves it.  We had the party at the local Marian Gymnastics Club in the city and the kids had a great time.  We included her favorite neon colors and some zebra print (her favorites) into the decoration and created a dessert table that included chocolate covered oreos, cookies, candy and cake pops.  I wish I was able to plan a party outside of our home all the time...I highly recommend it!  Thank you so much Kristen of Bella Vita Photography for the fantastic photography!

Sources & Credits:

Photography:  Bella Vita Photography

Invitations & Printables:  Studio 120 Underground

Zebra Print Treat Bags:  Charley,s Cache

Zebra Print Straws:  Mama Mia's Cupcakes

Neon Heart Stickers:  Knot and Bow

Plates, Zebra Print Balloons, Candy and Napkins:  Target

Printed Wooden Cutlery:  Sucre Shop

Gymnastic Print Elastics:  That's Lolli


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