Emoji Theme Dessert Table

Parties are for the person who is celebrating their milestone whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, wedding showers or whatever the celebration.  Since my daughter was going to be celebrating her birthday it all is up to her how she wants to celebrate it.  When she was younger we went all out because she loved it!  It was fun for her and her guests.  If it wasn't then I wouldn't waste the time or the effort.  

That being said, my oldest is now into smaller events and smaller gatherings with her closest friends and I can appreciate that being one who naturally is inclined to that as well.  This year she wanted an emoji party but with a twist.  She thought it would be fun to have a morning breakfast jammie party and it was a cute event to plan.  As well as a lot less work except for the many pancakes!  :)

We reused quite a bit of decorations and that is a party tip that saves money as well as time.  We just picked up some donuts from the store and I made just a few of her favorite requested items.  

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